The ULTIMATE Christmas Season Playlist!

Christmas is fast approaching! Can you believe it? ONE WEEK AWAY! I really can’t believe that it’s right around the corner. You’re probably thinking, I like to listen to holiday music, but where will I find the ULTIMATE Christmas Season Playlist? Well, look no further, friends. Here are my absolute favorite Christmas season songs all compiled on one Christmas season Spotify playlist.

I’m not the kind of person that starts listening to Christmas music the day after Halloween, but I do like to get into the Christmas spirit as soon as possible. I’m more of a right after Thanksgiving kind of person. I like to listen to Christmas music while walking to class, cleaning my apartment, and especially while baking holiday cookies! I feel like there’s no better way to get into the holiday mood (especially while you’re still taking finals and going to class and it feels like anything but Christmas) than listening to the ultimate Christmas season playlist.

I’ve spent multiple Christmases putting this list together and this is what it has come to so far. I find that every year I remember a few other songs that I should have on the playlist, so I’m sure that this will continue to change over the years. But for now, this is as ULTIMATE as I can get it.


My all-time favorite song is “All I Want For Christmas Is You” (I know, super unoriginal) because I have a special connection to the song…Mariah first released it on the day that I was born! November 1, 1994.


Are there any songs that I’m missing? What is your favorite holiday song? When do you like to listen to holiday music?