12 Ways To Grow Strong and Long Hair

I’ve had long hair pretty much my whole life. Once, when I was in 5th grade, I decided it would be a good idea to chop it above my shoulders and as it turns out, I hated it. Since then I’ve been dedicated to make my hair as long and as healthy as possible. When I got into college the stress really started getting to me and I had a lot of issues with my hair thinning and falling out in clumps. I thought I would never get my healthy hair back again! But I’ve come a long way and I’ve learned a lot through the process. Here are some of the best tips I have for growing long and healthy hair.


1. Comb it, DON’T brush it, while it’s wet


I used to brush my hair while wet all the time. My mom always warned me against it, but it never really seemed like a big deal to me. Brushing hair while wet causes breakage and that will make it take much longer for you to get long hair. Once I switched over to using a wide tooth comb to comb my hair out while it was wet it made all the difference.


2. Use heat as little as possible


I’m sure this one isn’t news to you. Using things like hair dryers, straighteners, curling irons, and other heat tools fry your hair. I’m definitely guilty of using these way too much, but, especially in warmer weather, I try to limit my use of these. If I don’t have any big plans on a particular day I will try to let my hair air dry naturally and avoid heat tools on if all together. It really does help your hair stay healthy.


3. Deal with your stress


Easier said than done, right? I was so incredibly stressed out that my hair literally began falling out in chunks. Talk about a nightmare! Definitely not what you want if you’re going for long hair. I still have a particularly large bald patch that hasn’t grown back in. You need to make sure that you are dealing with your stress and anxiety in a healthy way. Make sure you have some kind of an outlet (journaling, talking to a friend or therapist, exercise, ANYTHING) so that your physical health doesn’t start taking the brunt of it. Life is stressful and filled with anxiety, I know! But it’s important for your hair health (as well as your overall physical health AND mental health!) that you learn how to deal with the stress.


4. Eat your veggies!


I didn’t know what a difference this would make. My whole life I had heard advice about eating vegetables, but it wasn’t until a bad situation involving antibiotics got my stomach so messed up that I was forced to become mostly vegan. During that time I ate more vegetables than I ever had eaten in my life and my hair looked more radiant than ever. It’s important to vary the kind of vegetables that you’re eating. You’ve probably heard that it’s best to eat very colorfully. Try to make sure you’re getting dark greens, light greens, yellows, oranges, reds, purples, all the colors you can! I’ve heard that yellow bell peppers are especially good for getting long hair, which is good for me because they’re one of my favorites!


5. Drink water


This also goes along with overall health, but just make sure that you are staying hydrated! You should be drinking water all day long, NOT just when you feel thirsty. The way I got myself to drink more water was just to keep a water bottle or tumbler of water near me at all times. At work, in class, while watching Netflix, by my bed, always. Make sure that you’re hydrated and your hair (and skin!) will thank you.


6. Vitamins!


Try hair, skin, and nail vitamins. There are tons of them on the market. The two main ones for hair are Biotin and Collagen. I haven’t noticed too much of a difference while using these personally, but I know that they really work wonders for some people. Try them out!


7. Coconut Oil


You may have seen those memes going around (see below) about how coconut oil is the cure-all for everything, and it’s kind of true. I was skeptical, but putting coconut oil masks in your hair will DO WONDERS. I bought a huge thing of coconut oil from Costco and I love it. I take it out in its solid form and rub it between my hands until it melts. Then I rub it through my hair from scalp to ends, making sure to especially rub my scalp air and fully coat the tips. Then I throw it up into a
 bun and leave it on anywhere from two hours to overnight (if you leave it on overnight wear an old T-shirt and wrap a towel around your pillow so you don’t make a mess!). It is pretty difficult to wash out and sometimes will take a couple of washes to get it out completely but I promise your hair will be so shiny and healthy afterwards! I try to do a coconut oil mask once a week (usually on lazy Sundays) and it does wonders to help long hair.



8. Wrap your hair in a T-shirt after you get out of the shower


This is one I’ve just recently started doing. Turns out wearing those towels twisted up like turbans are not doing your hair any favors. It can end up causing tons of breakage in your hair! Take an old, soft, cotton T-shirt and put the neck hole right at the top of your head with all of your hair inside of the shirt. Then twist it up like you would do the towel and tuck the extra length into the back. It’s a little weird at first but you’ll get used to it. It will help your hair so much in the long run.


9. Switch up the way you wear your hair


If you always put your hair in super tight pony tails on the top of your head, your hair is much more likely to break. If you’re looking to get long hair, switch it up and try doing buns, low pony tails, or braids. That way your hair isn’t stuck in the same position all the time, constantly pulling at your roots.


10. Don’t wash your hair every day


This is a really popular one. Skip the washing! I am guilty of washing my hair basically everyday (unless I’m in a major rush, in which case dry shampoo is my best friend) but apparently washing less is much better! When you wash your hair often you strip it of its natural oils. It’s healthier if you condition every day, and cut back on the shampooing. This is one that I’m trying to be more conscious of, but I usually like the scrub my hair clean sooo I’m not always the best example of this one.


11. Get your hair trimmed!


I know you’ve heard this one before too, but if you want long hair you have to get it trimmed. I HATE getting my hair trimmed. I’ve had those horrible experiences where I ask for as little as possible off the bottom and suddenly I’ve got four inches gone! But it really is a very important part of the process. Get a hairstylist you trust and who will cut off what is essential. But also make sure you listen! If you’ve got three inches of dead split ends, it is in your favor to chop those off, no matter how painful it is to say goodbye to that length. The healthier your hair is, the faster it will grow, I promise.


12. Use Marrakesh Oil or Argon Oil on your ends


After you have styled your hair (AFTER! Not before! If you’re using heat you could end up frying your hair by putting oil on before a straightener or curling iron) pump a small amount of oil into your palm and rub your hands together. Then evenly distribute through your hair, focusing especially on those dry ends. I got this Marrakesh oil in my FabFitFun box and I LOVE it. A small amount goes a long way, it smells great, and it really nourishes my ends.


These are my best tips for growing your hair healthy and long! What do you do to make sure your hair stays healthy?